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It’s More than Virtual Try On

With thousands selection, online buyers are not sure what to choose, Or with limited space, not enough selection for in store buyers resulting lost revenue!!! Vtry is here to help you tapping the potential of your brand audience.

What stops buyer from placing an order with confidence online or in store ? With VTry service, it is easier than ever for online buyer finding what fits them well in virtual world and in store buyer what they like and affordable in real world.

Generating more ROI through higher conversion rate and customer satisfaction, Optimizing the entire online and in store shopping experience with VTry live and VTry one click services.


Technology Breakthrough

We provide 2 different virtual try-on technologies:

VTry Live

– a real face and real time virtual try-on that turning webcam into virtual mirror, the virtual eyeglass will be VTried on your real face as you move your face.

VTry Live has two flovors: VTry Lite and VTry Plus.

VTry Lite shows the front frame of the 3D glasses only.

VTry Plus shows full 3D eye glasses.

Both flavors are available on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

VTry Avatar

– single face photo virtual try-on that making a single face photo into 3D face model then the virtual eyeglass will be Vtried on your 3D face model in real time. Enhanced 3D modeling provides lighting fast performance and comes with low cost.

In addition to eye glasses, wig, beard, facial makeup, earing, neclace, and other wearables are also available for try on.

VTry Avatar is available on desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Live Demo

VTry Avatar

VTry Avatar is a VR based 3D virtual try-on tool that just taking a picture of your face then turn to 3D vivid face and virtually try on eyeglasses. Also you could turn virtual eyeglass to see the details. Click here to see and test for yourself.

VTry Live

VTry Live is full feature the 3D virtual try-on and bring full try-on experience. Tryer can turn their head around (30 degree) to see the eyeglass frame leg look like on their face. It simulates how people try on the eyeglass on their face in store without mirror. Click H5 version and Flash version to see and test for yourself

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